Purchase your apparel online and make your payments for the purchase through payroll. Typically this can be done on a 1 to 4 payday schedule, depending on the contract your facility has in place with mypayrolldeduct.com.  All purchases are interest free and with zero % financing.  Your credit is your job at the contracted facility with mypayrolldeduct.com.

Rules that apply when using payroll deduct is as follows:

1. Your Employer decides where the product is shipped (either your work facility or allows drop ship to your house).
2. Some Facilities require additional documents before product is sent, please inquire before ordering if unsure of your facility policy.
3. The employee, person, party receiving the product is ultimately responsible for ensuring all payments or receivables are paid in full to mypayrolldeduct.com.  You have agreed to have the remaining funds drafted from your last check if your employment is terminated willfully or not.
4. No cash refunds will be given for purchases made through payroll deduct, only online store credit for future purchases (see return policy).  No exceptions will be made.